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Head Lice Removal

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Services & Pricing


if you believe you have lice or have been exposed to it, we will thoroughly screen you to find even the smallest incidence of lice. This removes all guess work and will confirm whether or not you or your children have lice.


This is a premium AirAllé treatment using our exclusive, FDA-cleared medical device. We do a 30-minute heated-air treatment followed by a professional comb-out. We finish the treatment with an application of a specially formulated topical rinse. Treatments can take as little as an hour, depending on the length of the hair. We want to make sure you get the best results. Lice Clinics of America North Gwinnett has to screen all the family members in order to provide the 30-day guarantee. If you choose this treatment option, we guarantee you will leave our clinic lice-free.

Other lice removal services who do not use the AirAlle Device will charge on average $100 per hour to painstakingly remove the nits by hand, and they require that you come back for 2nd and 3rd follow ups at the same rate. They can not guarantee a One-Single treatment like we do


This option is designed for those who want the professional heated-air treatment but are more budget-minded and feel they can handle the comb-out procedure themselves. We do a complete and thorough treatment using the AirAllé device to kill the lice and their eggs. Then we provide you with the products and instructions needed to complete the process at home, including a professional-grade lice comb. Since the ultimate success of this option depends on how well the comb-out is performed, we don’t guarantee this option.


Under this option, our technicians will do a thorough comb-out in our clinic. Duration of treatment depends on length of hair and infestation level. Because we don’t use the AirAllé device, we don’t guarantee the treatments.


This is the least expensive option, but the most time consuming. We provide all the topical treatment products you will need, along with a professional lice comb. Our technician will provide detailed instructions on how to properly perform the comb-out. Since most parents are not experienced at lice-removal, this will take substantially more time than a professional treatment in order to ensure all the lice are removed. Multiple treatments will be needed over the course of 10 days, with each treatment taking over an hour.

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